Magnolia Flowers

These are two of my favourite Magnolia species. First the Purple Magnolia or Magnolia liliiflora. Next the comparatively delicate looking Siebold’s Magnolia or Magnolia sieboldii. Can you chose your favourite of the two?


Caribbean Morning Rituals

Sunrise Sitting here each morning on the veranda, watching the sunrise over the nearby mountains. The noise is coming across the valley from the other side like dogs barking vehicles moving around on their daily business. A scattering of small houses dotted across the mountain side. Itself being topped with Read more…


Wetlands in Summer

Man made river in the Wetlands of Somerset Originally created to drain the Somerset Levels it never really worked. Luckily as part of the wetlands of the Somerset Levels it still has scenic and wildlife value. Finding myself here for the fist time in years, having moved away. I took Read more…

Pheasant's Eye (Narcissus poeticus) in flower at Killerton

Flowers at Killerton

Flowers at Killerton From the formal gardens adjacent to the house to the woodland above there are flowers for all at Killerton. This 18th century property has a remarkable collection of non-native trees. They cover the slope behind the house which has been carefully planted with these exotic tree species. Read more…

Handkerchief or Dove Tree

Handkerchief Tree Flower

Handkerchief Tree Flower The handkerchief or dove tree is originally from south west China. Introduced to Europe in 1904. Originally thought to be in the Dogwood family. This fast growing tree with it’s Lime like leaves, is best know for the elegant white bracts. From where it gets it’s name. Read more…