Loneliest Person

The last song on the album S.F. Sorrow by the Pretty Things from 1968. The album is considered to be the first rock opera with some challengers. Also a possible inspiration for Tommy by the Who. See what you think of it.

Bonsai Root Pruning Part 2

Following on as I was already there with all the tools more Bonsai Root Pruning. Well you know how it goes. Do something for the first time and straight away for a second time. I wonder if there’s a third…. You can find the first here

Bonsai Root Pruning

Converting a small tree to a Bonsai begins here for me. I’ve collected a number of small trees over recent years I now have the task of root pruning. Something I’ve never done before. See me wrangle my Sweet Chestnut and attempt my first pruning. From Tone’s About