I got the opportunity of going with a group of botanists to see Orchids I’ve wanted to see for some time. We were guided around by the grounds keeper to this private golf course. Temperature in this heatwave and nature of being in a group did  not allow for much filming. So join me and see what we did find…

Spring had definitely arrived and I took out the camera for a look around the garden. Follow me in this short video to see what I found. The weather was just great with blues skies.

Danish Scurvygrass (Cochlearia danica) is a salt tolerant plant which has benefited from the salt put on out roads in winter. Like many seaside plants it has adapted to living in the harsh environment that salt air creates. Our use of salt and the small light seeds has meant our cars provide both the environment and the means of spreading. Now you know what to look for you will see it often. If you keep your eye out in the spring.

Primroses are unusual they have two morphologies, Pin and Thrum. Pin with the female parts at the top and Thrum with the male parts at the top. So Pin flowers can only fertilise Thrum and visa versa. They are a heterostylous species.

Converting a small tree to a Bonsai begins here for me. I’ve collected a number of small trees over recent years I now have the task of root pruning. Something I’ve never done before. See me wrangle my Sweet Chestnut and attempt my first pruning.

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