Neil Innes (9 December 1944 – 29 December 2019) was an English writer, comedian and musician. He collaborated with Monty Python and played in the Rutles and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

I was just flipping through some memories and came across some photos I’d taken of Neil at a show a few years before he died.
For me the fact that he was playing the Ukulele is important since it revived my interest in playing instruments. It is an instrument that was favoured by Neil Armstrong and Vivian Stanshall. A work colleague of mine revealed, after working with me for a couple of years, that Vivian had taught him to play the Ukulele for a show he was in.

So three degrees of separation.

Picture of Neil Innes playing a Ukulele
Neil Innes @ Wellington Arts Centre